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Georgia Tech’s early top 25 recruiting class for 2021

You may think that during the COVID-19 pandemic recruiting would be dead, but not for Georgia Tech. The Yellow Jackets have found themselves all the way into the top 25 rankings for next year’s recruiting class while many are still trying to figure out how to recruit from home.

Coach Collins has really proved he can recruit and not just in the state of Georgia thus far.. Guys like David Shanahan, a punter all the way from Australia, have committed to play for Coach Collins and staff, showing that no mileage limit is a challenge for this up and coming Tech recruiting department.

It’s no secret that Tech went 3-9 last year, but having a top 25 class right now for next season, speaks volumes and certainly shows that the future under Coach Collins is bright. GT fans will soon realize that Coach Collins is the man for the job and he will restore Georgia Tech to its former glory within a couple seasons.

Whether or not we get a 2020 season, I think it’s important to continue building the brand and showing recruits/commits that Georgia Tech isn’t your uncle’s Georgia Tech anymore. Tech is building a culture built on effort and showing teams that it will be a force to reckon with. I believe other teams are starting to pay more attention to that.

If Tech can continue this hot streak, I believe it could potentially land at least in the top 20 next season. Right now, the main focus is trying to keep the local Georgia kids home. Quite frankly, I’ve been noticing that more kids are including the Jackets in their top team’s list with teams such as LSU, Auburn, Clemson, etc. This has been the most exciting thing to see so far and demonstrates our potential to recruit anyone anywhere.

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