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Georgia Tech welcomed 10 local players back to campus and resumed in-person workouts.

On June 15th, Geoff Collins and staff welcomed players back to campus and what a joyous occasion that was. Due to all the stipulations and rules, only 10 local guys were allowed to return back for phase 1. We’re hoping that phase 2 will get here soon enough.

Seeing guys like Jordan Mason post on social media of returning back to the practice field and working out, definitely showed a lot of hope for GT fans. I mean, we’re all expecting to return to Bobby Dodd Stadium on September 3rd as Georgia Tech takes on the Clemson Tigers. Am I right?

Unfortunately, the guys in this past freshmen class weren’t allowed to return back to campus yet. But they all got welcoming packages filled with goodies and definitely some 404 swag. Coach Collins knows it’s a difficult time right now, so he has definitely been creative through all of this and I think that these times have brought the whole team closer together.

It’s important as fans to get behind the team and support them through these uncharted times. No matter which guys are on campus, let’s be glad that we’re seeing some progression and one day closer to Toe Meets Leather. Because we all need GT football in our lives.

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